BAY AREA! Get involved and give back this holiday season:

I am thrilled to announce that I will be participating in several charity drives this month. I’m working with several different people and organizations to try and raise toys for children and winter coats for the needy. If you’re in the San Francisco/Oakland area your support would be greatly appreciated. Here are some events going on THIS WEEKEND:

The homie L*Roneous throws toy drives every year, and this year he’s generously decided to throw one for the formerly-homeless families I work with in the Tenderloin. The goal is to collect 50 toys for boys and girls of all ages.

The SF chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation is celebrating its 7th anniversary by holding a coat drive. Their goal is to receive 300+ donations between now and January.

Break 4 Tots is an event sponsored by the Zulu Nation/Cloud 9 Tribe/Daily City Teens program. They are holding their 7th annual  dance competition and canned food/toy drive for Daly City families.

This a complete list of when, where, and what you can donate- the cool thing is that they are all awesome events:



582 Haight Street, San Francisco CA

DJs Deeandroid, Koo-C, Tay, & Jusone will be spinning classic hip-hop and punk rock to examine the history between the two genres.

Accepting: Canned food & coats



10 6th St. San Francisco CA

Dj Sake One in the mix all night long on his Frisco Jones alone! 10 pm - 2 am

Accepting: Toys

Grant & Green Saloon 

1371 Grant Ave. San Francisco CA

Venture into North Beach for some Troubleman… Dj Troubleman, that is. fresh tunes broadcast from 10 pm - 2 am

Accepting: Toys

Shine Lounge

1337 Mission St, San Francisco CA

SF All Tribes Zulu Nation 7 year anniversary party with DJs Apollo, Koo-C, Sake One, TD Camp, and Delrokz

Accepting: Coats

Chopsticks Urban Art Space

2201 14th Ave. Oakland CA

You like street art? How about stickers? This is a sticker party for all ages of “slap” enthusiasts. noon - 8 pm

Accepting: Toys

Luka’s Taproom & Lounge

2221 Broadway, Oakland CA

Dj Kevvy Kev & guests live in the mix for some funky “SMOOVE” rhythms. your favorite Dj’s favorite Dj. 10 pm - 2 am

Accepting: Toys


Bayshore Community Center

450 Martin St, Daly City CA

7th Annual Break 4 Tots b-boy competition

Accepting: Toys and canned food

If you would like to support but cant make it out to any of the events, you can drop off toys or donations to the Solidarity Co-Op, 800 Larkin (at Eddy) - Monday thru Friday noon - 6 pm. To arrange to donate canned food or coats, please e-mail

So there you have it! Three days to donate canned food, coats, and/or toys in San Francisco, Daly City, and Oakland! If you have the time to make it to at least ONE of these locations and the resources to participate, please come through!

A quick rant….

I know it’s random but I just have to ask: What’s up with all these JANKY PROMOTERS. First I gotta say that the whole pay-to-play system is garbage. How can you charge artists for something THEY’RE supposed to be getting paid for?? Even the whole selling presale tickets hustle is BS- we’re musicians not scalpers! How can you bring nationally-known artists to the Bay and fill the opening slots with a bunch of wack rappers just because they broke you off? Where’s your dignity! Don’t you understand that these cats come in from out of town, see a bunch of wack openers and reflect that on the WHOLE BAY!! How many promoters are putting together diverse, creative lineups on shows? How many are putting together shows to breathe life into the local scene and pushing local talent and culture? Do  your events ever have some type of uplifting theme or message? Or are you all about making money and getting people drunk??? Most of y’all wont put someone on a show unless they have some type of “buzz.” Well people can get a buzz from the internet, radio, whatever but they also can get on through LIVE SHOWS!! And I’ve seen plenty of “buzzing” artists whose live shows are straight WACK! Does that matter to you?? Do you want to develop talent or just follow the trends?? And NEWSFLASH- it’s YOUR job to bring people out to the show, NOT the artist! If someone doesn’t have a huge buzz and/or name recognition, then push the show and their music towards the type of crowd you think will appreciate it!! Find new ways to get the word out there. Make these shows accessible to the general public and to the youth! Not everyone can get into 21+ clubs, and not everyone can afford to pay 10, 15, 20, 25 bucks at the door you whores!! Stop putting together shows where up-and-coming DJs and artists are passed over just so you can put a bunch of YOUR FRIENDS on the bill! Tired of all the politics and circle-jerking in the Bay. That’s why I’ve been travelling and giving priority to free, all-ages, community-based events. And don’t get me wrong, I know some promoters who are actually on point and bust their ass to bring quality events to their city- salute- BUT I BARELY KNOW ANY IN THE BAY AREA! Frisco, Oakland, Richmond, San Jo, etc. are full of quality artists who don’t get the right shine because of you janky fucks! I encourage all my fellow artists to push the same line and go hard on these suckas! And for the rest of y’all just watch- a time will come when we take back control of these live shows and give these wack promoters the boot- I’m talking tarred & feathered and chased out of town by an angry mob!! Haha. Just some stuff that’s been on my mind. I could easily write just as much if not more about you faulty DJs, radio hosts, bloggers, and other rappers but I’ll save that for another time… any thoughts?