Dregs One presents “The Wake Up Report” Ep. 4: Police Brutality

This is the 4th episode of my video documentary series on community issues. I’m really conerned that police brutality is becoming more and more of a problem nowadays. For this video, I interviewed my folks Fly Benzo who was harrassed by law enforcement for speaking out against police brutaliity and caught a court case for filming the police.

During the next couple of days I will follow up with this video by posting information, news, and organizations that deal with this issue. Peace.

Dregs One - Letter To The President

I don’t have faith in ANY political entity. If you’ve ever questioned Barack Obama’s motives and the way our government works then you need to watch this. Latest visual from “The Wake Up Call” album. directed by @haroldinho of A Struggle Divided.

"The Wake Up Call" on the Top 5 New Hip Hop Releases at Amoeba Berkeley

"Another great new Amoeba hip-hop chart entry is from San Francisco rap talent Dregs One who has been putting it down in the Bay for the past five years as both a solo artist and a member of Gas Mask Colony. You might recall I asked him some questions for the Amoeblog earlier this year when he did an excellent mixtape album with Equipto¬†(The Generation¬†Gap). His current solo joint is The Wake Up Call which finds him in much more conscious territory.”