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Artist Spotlight: Are Too

There’s nothing more refreshing than hearing a nice voice hit some soulful melodies. It’s even more impressive when that voice can bounce back and forth between signing and rapping, all over some unique production. That’s the homegirl Are Too in a nutshell. She’s been pushing a hard line to follow her dreams and get her music out there, which I really respect. Her debut album, Life Injected, features banging production and introspective songs that really give the listener a good sense of just who she is as a person. This is some good music to kick back and relax to, or to bump on a nice cruise through the town. Like I said, she’s been working really hard- she also works with children in Oakland- so she definitely deserves your support. Check her out.

Tenille - I Do

I am hopelessly in love with this chick… this my shit right here. She so dope I didn’t even wanna tell anyone about her when I first heard her haha.

RIP to one of the greatest!! Aaliyah - One In A Million