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This song was written when I was living in Oakland, California. I lived a lovely, diverse corner of East Oakland where the sun was always shining and it was a perfect break from living in the fast-paced, foggy city of San Francisco. Mornings I would rise, open my blinds to the sun, observe the scenery outside of my house, roll a Backwood, and bump beats. When Ill Sugi sent me this beat it matched the vibe perfectly and this song is special to me because it captures that time in my life.

Ill Sugi is the homie from Tokyo, Japan who is a big listener of Bay Area hip-hop. He’s been sending me beats for years and when he came out to San Francisco to visit we decided to start working on an album. This song will not be on there, but keep an eye out for more info on our project, "Universal Language" coming very soon.


Here in Oakland, Calfiornia
By way of San Francisco
All the way to Japan
Does it relate with you?
I dunno…

Verse 1:
Sun beams through my window, pot holes in my street tho
Pothead got the backwoods rolled
Bailed to the sto’ for one mo
Early morn weather warm it’s all good maaaayne
25 years of life, not 25 years to life
It’s more to life than war and strife
But y’all don’t get it do ya?
The weed smoke drifted through the air like the whisper of a rumor
The aroma meant creative content comin’ closer
To reality, being made as we speak
Levels get tweaked, this is the peak
Of a perfect moment indeed
Just look inside my heart and write down what I see
Third eye vision, clear and pristine
Shakin’ up my neighbors house with the beat
Mybad- (laughs) ayee-
I turn it down then back up again, cuz…

It’s a drought on real shit lately
Feel like the whole world gone crazy
Change the world so the world won’t change me
It’s been a drought on real shit lately
It’s a drought on real shit lately
Feel like the whole world gone crazy
Change the world so the world won’t change me
It’s been a drought…

Verse 2:
I find the inspiration, in daily struggle and temptation
Negative bank statements, bummy dressin’ tummy achin’
Fare inspector evading at the train station
Runnin’ late hopin’ I make it
Making mixtapes hopin’ I make it
The whole city hopin’ I make it
I know the songs dope when I make it
Kinda like life, what I make it
Fake shit is makeshift and shape-shifts into the same shit
That been created to make man complacent
And bad bitches obey him
AKA enslavement, here on inner city pavement
Mental plantations, cotton pickin’
Instagrammin’ twit-pickin’ food
Forgot about the starving children, oops
Turn off the boob tube, come a little closer to the truth
I’ll give it to you from the booth


Verse 3:
Educated motivated light skinned black man
Used to get picked on, white boy with a tan
Now I let the sun warm my skin
Absorbing vitamin D through my melanin
Manifesting the vision of a ancient Egyptian
But this is just East Oakland
And I’m just drivin’ around with my schedule wide open
Hopin’ I get into something before something gets into me
My phone rings like it’s meant to be
To spend the afternoon with a queen, yes sirree
She attracted to my realness
And when we getting down together thats when we really building
Why lay with a woman who’s unfit to have your children?
Think about it young brothers
Ima give it to you straight like none other

Like none other, look

Love ya woman, feed ya kids
That’s the fly shit
Readin’ books, exercise
That’s the fly shit
Payin’ rent, paying bills
Thats’ the fly shit, thats the fly shit, yeah that’s the fly shit
Being loyal to your friends
That’s the fly shit
Stayin’ out of jail
Havin’ fun and livin’ life
Thats the fly shit, thats the fly shit, yeah that’s the fly shit

Dregs One on the track
That’s the fly shit
Ill Sugi on the beat
That’s the fly shit
Frisco’s in the house
That’s the fly shit
Tokyo’s in the house
That’s the fly shit, what




PT. 4, CONT.

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